Program Features

Program Features

Once accepted into the Yours to Lose program, students will complete an accelerated curriculum at Missouri Southern that has been specifically designed to prepare them for the successful transition into the KCU Doctor of Osteopathy program.

Green Coat Ceremony

The coating ceremony will mark the start of the students’ academic career and early acceptance into medical school.

“After a formal signing ceremony, each student will be presented with their green coats,” said Dr. Donna Johnson, advisor for the Yours to Lose program. “When you start medical school, you attend a white coat ceremony. We wanted something that was symbolic of their journey at Missouri Southern and what’s ahead of them.”

The Professors

The enhanced, unique curriculum includes courses taught by both MSSU and KCU faculty on topics such as medical reasoning and medical literature. Opportunities exist for Yours to Lose students to work with current KCU medical students in medically-related environments.

The Courses

Students will complete courses in math and science that provide a critical foundation for the successful completion of medical school. In addition, some general education courses such as communication, fine arts and foreign language will carry a medical theme, designed to promote knowledge and awareness of these issues.

When you’re done

Upon successful completion of the curriculum, students will earn a baccalaureate degree in biology in just three years. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 at Missouri Southern in order to remain in MKEAP.

Below are a few of the specialized courses:

Art of Observation: Fine Arts |  Medical Spanish: Modern Language  |  Medical Literature  |  Medical Reasoning: Study Abroad