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* = per credit hour


Tuition (In-State) $267.53*
Tuition (Out-of-State) $535.06*



For more detailed costs and charges list, click here.

Textbook Rental Charges

Our bookstore can provide you with rental and purchase textbooks, visit them here. 

Textbook Rental - $14* 

Residence Hall Pricing 

For more information on residence life, click here. 

Residence Hall Pricing - $2,893-$3,958

Option A

(23 meal + $50**)

Option B

(15 meal + $125**)

Option C

(10 meal + $200**)

Option D

(5 meal + $250**)

Lion Village Traditional $3,460 $3,410 $3,315 $3,205
Apartments $3,540 $3,475 $3,380 $3,270
Lion Village Private $3,660 $3,610 $3,515 $3,405
Apartment Semi-Private $3,760 $3,710 $3,615 $3,505
East Hall Suites $3,717 $3,727 $3,632 $3,522
Lion Village Suites $4,010 $3,960 $3,865 $3,755
Quads $4,086 $4,036 $3,941 $3,831











Scholarship Opportunities 

MKEAP is intended to encourage academic excellence by providing special opportunities for exceptional students. 

Apply for scholarships!

Financial Aid Opportunties 

Missouri Southern provides one of the best educations you can receive at the best price. We are setting financial trends in higher education not only in the Four States, but we are also blazing a trail nationwide.

MSSU also provides you with extra financial benefits through federal, state and university aid. 

More about Financial Aid at Missouri Southern.

Lion Pride Tuition 

Want to attend Missouri Southern but live outside Missouri?

Students from Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas are eligible for an automatic in-state tuition rate, known as Lion Pride Tuition!

Once admitted, Lion Pride residents from these states not only receive in-state tuition but – if qualified – have the opportunity to receive additional scholarships as well.

We can make your university dreams come to life for a discounted price – without sacrificing quality. While most universities only offer in-state tuition to students native to their state, we’ve found a unique way to invite students from nine outside states into our university.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from – at Missouri Southern State University, we’re all Lions. And we’ve got you covered.

While enjoying your Lion Pride Tuition discount, keep in mind these bonus points: 

  • You can still receive university and academic scholarships in addition to your in-state tuition rate.
  • You get a true university experience and high-quality education, plus an international mission that allows you to become a well-rounded, globally-minded individual.
  • You will have the opportunity to graduate from one of our nationally accredited programs.



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